ST:Excalibur UI

A Graphical User Interface which I currently develop for the fan made game ST:Excalibur.

Originally ST:Excalibur is based on the video game Star Trek Bridge Commander.

Despite Star Trek’s claim to depict our possible future, ST:BC’s interface was not a step into this direction. It rather was the simple listing of all available options with minimal means of categorization and none-sophisticated accessibility. The GUI’s visiual appearance was, of course, taken from the LCARS.

ST:Bridge Commander GUI (click to enlarge)

The aim for the ST:Excalibur GUI is to have:

  • Easy access to options
  • Consistency in usage even when changing from captain’s chair to outside view or ego perspective in away missions
  • As least obstruction of user’s view as possible
  • Visual feeling of Star Trek

Videos of prototypes

This shows how the main menu in ST:Excalibur will expand when an option is chosen after entering the game.

Gallery of Prototypes